Saturday Open Training

Saturday, 23rd March: 1pm to 4pm!

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New Rope Class

Rope on Thursdays @ 6pm and @ 8pm

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Kids & Teens Circus Club


Thursdays & Saturdays

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Aerials (all levels); Acrobatics (all levels)

Monday 29th April 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Open Training

Monday 29th April 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Introduction to Aerials

Monday 29th April 6:30pm to 8:00pm

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Learn to climb and fly on fabric, rope, trapeze, and hoop in our Dublin City Centre studio.

What we've been up to

"I don't trust anyone
who doesn't laugh"
(Maya Angelou)

TRUST is the bedrock of relationships and training.  At the studio we consciously take our time in building trust with and between each other, regardless if we are working solo, doubles or team apparatus.

I grew up in a family business where engaging with the public was a daily reality.  I witnessed and learned that we can connect through sharing stories and laughter.  It builds strong ties.  Then when the serious conversations have to happen, it never seems as harsh.  I try to promote this at Taking Flight. 
In the studio, we learn to rely on each other as training partners.  We motivate, we support, we challenge and we offer an alternative perspective.  And above all else we try to hold on to the ability to laugh.  To laugh at ourselves, to laugh at each other, and to laugh at life.  I guess that for some laughter can be seen as judgement.  I choose to see it as a celebration.  It celebrates life and the human condition.  It celebrates resilience.

I worry when the atmosphere in the place gets too serious.  Regardless of whether you do aerial or acrobatics or anything circus, take a moment to laugh.  When the stress of being serious about it gets too much, try to let it go for a moment and have a chuckle to yourself.  Yep, others might not get what you're doing.  They will probably wonder what you're laughing at, but you'll be healthier for it.

Photo Credit: @radoslav_katanik 
#circusalldayeveryday #phibsboro #phibsborough #dublinfitfam #tryingsomethingnew #trust #celebratinglifethroughlaughter TASTER WORKSHOP
Saturday, 27th April @ 2pm

Just €20!

Come along and try out our AERIALS class.  This two hour taster session will take you through the basics of aerial cocoon, hoop, trapeze, fabric and rope. 
No obligation to commit to classes or anything.  Even if you're just looking for something to do on a Saturday!  Special Discount for Term and Course Bookings made after the session! 
#circusalldayeveryday #phibsboro #phibsborough #dublinfitfam #tryingsomethingnew If you want to go fast, go alone. 
If you want to go far, go together.
(African Proverb)

It's very easy these days to go it alone.  We can be fooled into thinking that social media platforms are enough to sustain us.  But there's a cost and a price to doing that.  When you need the physical real-life support it's not there.  I believe that we each need a team of supportive people around us who are ready to encourage us, to challenge us and to catch us.

Sometimes we need them to say 'yes', and sometimes we need them to say 'no'. The strength of our connections to each other will determine how far we go on this journey: be that in aerial, in acrobatics, in our art, in our relationships or in life.

#thoughtfortheday #phibsboro #phibsborough #dublinireland #dublinfitfam #circusalldayeveryday #teamwork #supporteachother #tbt to 2016 when I'd just gotten back from the first of 3 international residencies in circus schools.  The fabulous @katrinaagestad was one of our clients back then and wanted to film in the studio as part of her academic studies.  Taking Flight was based in the @chocofactorydublin then and our focus was exclusively on developing a language of aerial for adults.  3 years down the road and Taking Flight has it's own studio space and we are constantly expanding our language to embrace all of the excitement and opportunity of circus, theatre and dance for all ages and communities!

Huge shout out to everyone who is helping this dream happen!  Our tutors, our friends, our clients and our funders!

#circusalldayeveryday #phibsboro #aerialsilks #phibsborough #aerials #allthingscircus A huge shout out to all of the students of St Marys Secondary School, Glasnevin and Trinity Comprehensive, Ballymun.  You totally rocked the house over the past 2 days at #axis-Ballymun!  We are so proud of you all.

Also huge shout out to your teachers and supporters.  What crowds, what an audience.  Bringing circus, dance, drama and music to Dublin!

#circusalldayeveryday #phibsborough #phibsboro #ballymun #glasnevin #axisballymun #circusschoolsproject2019

What our students think

After recently attending an aerial bootcamp at Taking Flight, I found the space perfect for aerial. The atmosphere was friendly and fun, the training was fantastic, catering to all levels.
-- Richard

Taking flight is made up of a talented and passionate team of trainers and performers who know how to push you to achieve your goals, and make it fun along the way. Shane works tirelessly to deliver personalised support for every student, always looking for new ways to ensure everyone gets the most out of classes, no matter your level.
-- Mia