Studio Closed until further notice

In light of the CV-19 virus situation, the studio will close for the foreseeable future.

We do expect to be back, but obviously we can't determine when that will be!

Artist Residencies 2020

Information on Residencies available through the link below.

Residencies funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Residency Info

Studio Closed due to CV19

Monday 6th April 4:55am to 4:55am

Artist Residencies 2020 Closing Date

Monday 6th April 4:55am to 4:55am

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Learn to climb and fly on fabric, rope, trapeze, and hoop in our Dublin City Centre studio.

What we've been up to


We are offering 2 x 1-month artists residencies for the months of July & August (fingers crossed). Each residency carries a budget of €5000. Funded by Arts Grant with #artscouncilireland. 
Info and applications here: Happy St Patrick's Day!

In the midst of the madness of #covid19 remember to celebrate being Irish.  Don't forget your neighbours! Make sure they have supplies (especially the elderly). Get outdoors.  Keep healthy.  Keep fit!  Our health is important!

#thefightcontinues CLOSED TO END MARCH (at least)

In light of the escalating response nationally and internationally to the spread of CV19, we are closing the studio for the time being.  Bookings and Bundles will be transferred to credit for when we re-open.

#covid19 #keepsafe COVID 19 TRAINING PROTOCOLS

Follow coughing etiquette (cough into the crook of your elbow; NOT on the apparatus!)
Avoid touching your face during class
Wash hands before and after class
Wash hands after using the toilet
Do not share cups or water bottles

Saturday, 14th March @ 1:30pm

Just €20!

Come along and try out our AERIALS class.  This two hour taster session will take you through the basics of aerial cocoon, hoop, trapeze, fabric and rope. 
No obligation to commit to classes or anything.  Even if you're just looking for something to do on a Saturday!  Special Discount for Term and Course Bookings made after the session!

Photo Credit: @johnnylalor 
HASHTAGS OPEN TRAINING SCHEDULE "Practice what you know.... to prepare for what you'll learn." New Open Training Schedule, effective February 2020.

Monday to Wednesday: 6pm to 8pm
Thursdays: 6pm to 10pm
Saturdays: 1:30pm to 5:30pm

Note: no new clients accepted until May 2020.

What our students think

After recently attending an aerial bootcamp at Taking Flight, I found the space perfect for aerial. The atmosphere was friendly and fun, the training was fantastic, catering to all levels.
-- Richard

Taking flight is made up of a talented and passionate team of trainers and performers who know how to push you to achieve your goals, and make it fun along the way. Shane works tirelessly to deliver personalised support for every student, always looking for new ways to ensure everyone gets the most out of classes, no matter your level.
-- Mia