CREATE: A circus act creation course

Friday, 26th August 2022

CREATE: A circus act creation course In 2020, Taking Flight piloted their EXPLORE programme, a course focused on giving individual artists the tools and techniques to research and develop creative work. The success of this course pushed us to introduce CREATE in 2022.

Since June, 10 artists, emerging and established have been working with our director Shane Holohan and a number of mentors, or ‘outside eyes’ as we call them. To approach aerial arts in a different way, in a more rounded and theatrical manner, we sourced outside eyes from the theatre industry instead of the circus community. Including experts from physical theatre, theatre direction and youth theatre to help guide our artists in their process of creating a full solo act. We wanted to focus on the artistry above the circus technique, to make more authentic and meaningful works for the artists and their audiences.

Using tools outside of aerial dance, like improv, character development, group theatre exercises and one-on-one mentoring, the artists are now deep into their creation, using tools like projections, sound, creative lighting design and haze machines to create immersive pieces that give so much more depth than traditional aerial acts.

To experience these amazing acts live, join us for our Halloween Cabaret in October 2022!