Collaboration with St. Michael's, Kilbarrack Disability Network

Friday, 8th July 2022

Hannah and Sean with Certs for Circus Club

Two of our coaches who have graduated with École National de Cirque, Hannah Gumbrielle and Sean McIlraith, worked with St Michael's House to create Circus Club. Together, they built a bespoke circus skills syllabus for children with cerebral palsy, working with their occupational therapists and physiotherapists who specialise in services for people with disabilities. Over the course of twelve weeks, they learnt the basics of trapeze, cocoon, juggling, and acrobatics to perform to their parents and friends. These skills were built to support their daily physio requirements, allowing them to not only become skilled trapeze performers and join the circus, but continue to develop vital day-to-day skills that mirror movements like putting on a backpack for school, lifting up feet to step up over obstacles in a classroom, and grip strength to hold pencils and pens. We were delighted to work with St Michael's House, and are currently in the process of setting up the next Circus Club. If you, or groups you know, would like to get in touch about circus for with children or adults with disabilities or additional needs, get in touch with us at

Sean and Hannah Circus Club Certs