Dublin Youth Theatre partnering with Taking Flight

Thursday, 7th April 2022

Taking Flight and Dublin Youth Theatre are partnering with a very unique workshop! This workshop is the first in a 3 year collaboration project.

DYT has been combining both theatre and youth work since 1977. They have given multiple generations of young creators in Dublin the space to spread their wings creatively as well as socially, by encouraging and supporting member’s original work, of all sorts, all the way from page to stage and allowing groups to form bonds and friendships through the collaboration and teamwork of theatre.

Taking Flight is very excited to host this workshop and swap skills between both drama and circus and of course celebrate all the wonderful values both DYT and Taking Flight share. It is brilliant to see two organisations that prioritise the ethos and energy of diversity and inclusion help each other expand their reach to other interested young people. Above all, working together to give opportunities in new forms of self expression and encourage young people to expand their creative toolkits for the limitless world of performance arts.

In this workshop Dublin Youth Theatre members and Taking Flight members will trade places and help share with each other new disciplines; giving young aerialists the chance to “break a leg” and teach young theatre makers how to approach aerial and acrobatics while keeping all legs intact! The group will work together to produce a performance piece that combines their talents and hopefully helps open new doors to different types of arts on both sides.

Éimhín O'Connor