Aerial and Acrobatics Time Table

Temporary Schedule from September 2017

Temporary Schedule for September 2017

Regular Schedule (currently suspended)

Temporary Schedule for September 2017

Training Fees

Fees Aerial and Acrobatics classes 2017


Explorer Just starting out. This is really about your first year or so of training. Emphasis is on developing strength and solid basics. Unless you’ve already been doing a lot of training in another sport, expect this to take about a year - we all need to work on our strength and flexibility.
Improver You’ve been training for about a year. You feel much stronger and you’re actually able to bring your arms up straight by your ears! You are now comfortable on the apparatus and are ready to start more dynamic moves and sequencing skills.
Skilled You’ve been training for about 2 to 3 years. You’re now ready to start linking sequences and ready to show off your hard-earned work. Or maybe you’re just ready to push yourself even more and start linking dynamic skills. Go you!